Why Proactive JDE Data Management Makes Sense – ARCOR's Story

When: Oct 27 2020, 16:30 - Oct 27 2020, 17:30 GMT

Why Proactive JDE Data Management Makes Sense – ARCOR's Story Image

In this webinar, you'll learn how the Applications team at ARCOR, the world’s leading candy manufacturer and the main exporter of confectionery from Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru, significantly boosted performance of their JD Edwards ERP through smart data management.

ARCOR Group has been using JD Edwards EnterpriseOne since 2009, to help them cope with rapid growth. They have over 14,000 JDE users, working in 3 different database schemas and process more than 164 million daily transactions in the ERP. With these kind of statistics, effective and efficient data archiving is a necessity.

Join Juan Carlos Monteros, IT Applications Leader at ARCOR and Barry Yelverton, Product Architect & CTO at Redfaire International to learn more about the journey ARCOR took and the results they have seen.


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