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Check out all the latest news from JD Edwards with this report from the JD Edwards Update event in Paris with a summary of the presentation given by Lyle Ekdahl and Bob Monahan.

Thrive Advance & Succeed with JD Edwards 
 Update | Paris, December 2016

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 was delivered 12 months ago, and the success of this release is undeniable: more than 2,000 global downloads, so far. Check it out on The Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

EnterpriseOne 9.2 Strategic Enhancements

EnterpriseOne 9.2 is rich in functionality, stable, delivers optimal performance and is a key platform for digital transformation. EnterpriseOne 9.2 helps customers to harness key technologies such as IoT, Analytics and Mobility . By the way, did you know that 90% of the JD Edwards install-base today is on version 9?

The Oracle JD Edwards product team is continuously delivering value to customers, enhancing and enriching the product (strategic, mobile, real time). A key focus has been on the traditional JDE vertical areas: 

•    Manufacturing & Distribution
•    CPG
•    Asset Intensive
•    Industrial Services

Some of the highlights include:
•    The latest UX One user interface (Tools 9.2 update 1), 
•    The Internet of Things Orchestrator Studio
•    JD Edwards on the Oracle Public Cloud
•    The Simplified JDE Upgrade Procedure 

If you  would like to learn more about these enhancements, please visit www.learnjde.com or www.support.oracle.com and look for the Value Proposition Tool, a user-friendly tool which lets you   compare releases and highlight the relevant enhancements: a great tool to help you build your upgrade business case!


Essential Components of Digital Business — JD Edwards at the Core


JD Edwards Digital Transformation Platfom

Incorporating Client Feedback into JDE

Where do all the enhancements come from? From JDE customers, via the multiple initiatives led by the JD Edwards Development Team (one-to-one meetings with customers, Dev Direct) or the local user groups. Building in customer feedback is central to the Agile methodology adopted by the JD Edwards Development team. Have a great idea? Please share it with the JDE development team by using #jdeideas on twitter and, you never know, your idea might make it into the product!

The development strategy is driven by the new challenges and paradigms of  digital transformation that are occurring at every level of the enterprise. This is more than a simple change in technology: it is a whole new way of doing business.We see a shift to a more holistic approach supported by modern technology. The value chain is now connected (social collaboration is not only between supply chain partners but also machine-to-machine), agile (we can go from an idea to a marketable product in a few hours) and real time (we can collect, visualize and analyze a huge quantity of data in real time, this was impossible only a few years ago).  

What’s been released so far? 

Some of the Highlights include:

  • UX One: The new JDE user interface providing more and more flexibility and personalization capabilities, it provides pre-built role-based content for 32 personas: landing pages, ad hoc alerts and analytics and direct access to the relevant applications per role. Many more planned in the next releases.
  • Mobility:  80+ mobile applications available out of the box, they extend JDE applications to the field and management staff. They integrate native device capabilities to provide an effective user experience. Some examples: leveraging the localization features to identify the closest customer locations based on the user’s position, or leveraging the bar code scan capability to retrieve real-time information like price or availability for an item in the warehouse.
  • IoT Orchestrator and Orchestrator Studio, providing real-time and more frequent data capture, improved data accuracy, and the capability to leverage Oracle IoT Cloud Service to scale the JDE IoT solution.
  • Cloud, because every customer has its own Cloud strategy, JD Edwards continues to provide flexibility to align with the strategy of each customer: customers can choose among multiple deployment methods (on-premise, private cloud or public cloud) and embrace Cloud technology at their own pace. Oracle Public Cloud provides agility and cost-reduction opportunities, allowing JDE customers to optimize, extend and complement their JD Edwards installation thanks to the IaaS, PaaS and SaaS Oracle offers. You can now obtain a full up-to-date JD Edwards environment in few hours, both for Dev/Test and Prod.

And for the future, what’s next?

The development teams around the world are already busy translating ideas and innovations into functionalities.

  • Continuous Delivery – the Simplified Upgrade is the first step towards a new delivery strategy based on a Continuous Delivery, where customers will be able to adopt functionalities at their pace providing agility and flexibility to the upgrade process. This will also lead to a change in the support policies, which will be reviewed on an annual basis.
  • Cloud – one-click provisioning, “lift-and-shift” to support each customer’s journey to the cloud
  • Digital Technologies – new universal API’s will enhance the integration capabilities with third party applications; new mobile enhancements are planned in multiple areas and a new Notification Framework will increase the collaboration and real-time alerts capabilities.
  • ERP – data extensibility, regulatory and localization enhancements (Lease Management regulations will change in 2019), and customer driven functionalities are today the main investment areas as far as the ERP is regarded.

Digital transformation is a reality. Industry after industry is being disrupted.  JD Edwards is the perfect platform to help you to harness the power of  Digital Technologies.  Lyle finished his presentation with a great quote from MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte University Press which underlined the fact that the opportunity offered by Digital Transformation is not so much about technology, but rather, about giving you the chance to re-imagine your business, to create new revenue streams and build a moat around your business through stronger differentiation.


JDE Digital Transformation ERP

Learn more about JD Edwards & Digital Transformation 

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  • Check out our Facebook Page if you’d like to see more photos from the day
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