Whitepaper: Upgrade or Rip and Replace JD Edwards

Posted by Niamh Vaughan

JD Edwards’ customers on older versions of OneWorld or EnterpriseOne may be looking at moving their ERP system onto newer versions of the product in order to maintain Oracle Support for their systems and to take advantage of new functionalities or technologies to enhance their business productivity.

Whitepaper: Upgrade or Rip and Replace JD Edwards Image

Customers who have modified their systems significantly are typically concerned about the cost and effort to migrate them forward to the current release of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

These customers suspect that their significant modifications, regardless of number or scope, are not as important now as when they were first approved and implemented. They come to the upgrade vs. new JD Edwards applications objects implementation debate believing it might be faster, cheaper and easier to start from scratch with new business processes and implement JD Edwards applications objects again with the new release [but upgrading production data] instead of carrying their modifications forward via a traditional upgrade.


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