The Synergy of ChatGPT & JD Edwards ERP

Posted by Redfaire International

How can we harness the power of AI and ChatGPT to make our favorite ERP even more powerful?

The Synergy of ChatGPT & JD Edwards ERP Image

Of course, I asked ChatGPT this very question, and while I did get some interesting content, for some things I still prefer to ask a real-world ‘non-Artificial' Intelligence. As Director of Innovation and JDE at our ANZ partners Fusion5, our colleague Shannon Moir is the perfect person to ask. Shannon has written a great blog on using JDE & ChatGPT together.

The first thing Shannon noticed was that ChatGPT was able to give clear instructions for basic procedures, like setting up a new user in EnterpriseOne 9.2. ChatGPT had even combed through JDE training manuals it seems.

Of course, while interesting, that is fairly basic so then Shannon had a look at creating a composite page to integrate ChatGPT. He then went on to add some form extensions and buttons with associated orchestrations. Definitely more interesting!  We highly recommend checking out his blog to see how he got on with this and some of his other use-case experiments. 

Oracle has a large AI Portfolio and has integrated AI into its Cloud Applications. We are looking forward to hearing the latest announcements on AI and discovering use-cases at Oracle CloudWorld and JDE InFocus which are both coming up in September.

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