Research: CRM Technology Value Matrix

Posted by Niamh Vaughan

The blurring of the lines between service, sales, and marketing – the three legs of the customer relationship management stool – represent new challenges and opportunities for vendors.

Research: CRM Technology Value Matrix Image

Salesforce and Oracle continue to battle for leadership on both usability and functionality, with Microsoft and others staying in close contention. Those that can’t keep up the pace on both usability and functionality investments will continue to lose ground.

Competition in the customer relationship management (CRM) market continues to be stiff across the three pillars of CRM as well as on the edges of the CRM ecosystem. The six months since the publication of the last edition of the Matrix included significant releases from most of the leading vendors as well as a number of new partnerships and acquisitions. We’ve also seen a number of big-name defectors from one CRM vendor to another, proving that, particularly in the cloud world, no deal in CRM is ever definitively won.


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