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Posted by Niamh Vaughan

We would like to introduce you to some of the great women in tech team members at Redfaire International.

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Meet Nienke van Rooijen who works with our Dutch partner Cadran as a NetSuite ERP Consultant

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
I am a NetSuite ERP Implementation Consultant living in the beautiful Dutch city of Utrecht. I joined Cadran two years ago. I really enjoy my job because every day I help people to use technology to make their work lives easier. By sharing my knowledge of ERP technology, I also get to play a part in helping companies to grow and achieve their objectives.   

How did you get started working with Oracle ERP?
During my business innovation internship at a well-known Dutch company,  Quooker,  I saw first-hand how technology can drive growth through innovation. Being an ERP consultant seemed to me like the perfect way to combine my interests in technology, business, and innovation. What’s more, I get to apply the skills I learned during my degree in International Business Administration at Tilburg University and, would you believe, even what I learned during my high-school computer science course comes in handy!

What is your role?
I work as a NetSuite implementation consultant specializing in Finance & Procurement. I work with companies to ensure that their ERP helps them to be as efficient as possible. Sometimes, this means adapting the business processes, sometimes it means tweaking the software.

I often combine this functional role with a project management role. I work with our team and the client to ensure that the project runs smoothly. I really enjoy helping people to work smarter with ERP.

What does your typical day look like?
No two days are alike!  I might start the day with a standup meeting for an implementation project. Then, I could have several meetings about certain topics or challenges within the implementation. We usually run multiple projects in parallel, so this means I might spend the morning with customer A and continue in the afternoon with an optimization project for customer B who has already gone live on NetSuite.

In between, I might also spend time with colleagues to learn about new features or work on optimizing our implementation methodology. The following day I might be on-site training a client's team on financial processes in NetSuite.

What is your favorite thing about your job? 
Hmm, hard to choose one favorite thing…., one of my happy moments in this job is when we have a challenge, get together and find a cool and practical solution. What I also love about this job is that the tasks are diverse and that we work with several business processes. I like getting a comprehensive understanding of how each client's business works, for example, I often have to look at financial and logistics processes, how each works independently but also how they impact each other.

I also like that I get to work with a wide range of clients and have the opportunity to get to know so many interesting people. Working in IT means learning every day, just like the technology we work with, we have to constantly evolve and improve,  Most of all, I really enjoy working together with my colleagues at Cadran!

Tell us More?
In the evenings and weekends, I like to do sports or meet with my friends for dinner or drinks. I play tennis and onnice summer evenings, I like to take trips on my racing bike. At the moment, I am developing all kinds of new hobbies which have to do with finishing our newly built house!

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