Whitepaper: Oracle SOA as Next Gen Integration Platform

Posted by Niamh Vaughan

Proliferation of mobile devices, data explosion, and cloud enablement has caused a dramatic shift in IT. Organizations need to rethink their application infrastructures to accommodate increased processing speeds, heightened security and availability concerns for their applications, all while meeting lowered total cost of ownership.

Many of today’s IT organizations rely on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) backbone to keep their businesses running. SOA delivers on good design principles that result in software reuse across multiple technologies. SOA adoption and acceptance across industries have led to platform maturity at the application layer level. However, we are at the start of an era where there is a new modus operandi for organizations to thrive and deliver continuously on competitive differentiation. This change is a result of market globalization, explosion in the number of mobile devices, unparalleled growth in voluminous data and innovation that crosses organizational boundaries. Social, mobile, cloud and data are terms that are revolutionizing the way organizations operate.

As business leaders step up to the plate to deliver on innovative models, SOA as the underlying IT platform, has to evolve to deliver on unprecedented performance, flexibility, and lowered total cost of ownership. A new approach where every layer of the infrastructure right from the hardware to the application layer is fine tuned for performance can deliver on this next generation IT platform.


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