Whitepaper: The need for an integrated ERP/CTRM solution for commodity trading

Posted by Niamh Vaughan

Commodity trading companies are not like ordinary trading firms. They are companies that are able to connect price fluctuations in futures trading to the logistical handling of the goods. Optimizing this process is their ultimate challenge.

Whitepaper: The need for an integrated ERP/CTRM solution for commodity trading Image

Let say, you are a commodity trader in Great Britain and you close a deal. The goods are located in Russia and must be shipped to South Korea. From there, they are resold to a client elsewhere in the world that offers a different price. Just at that moment, the currency in one of these countries drops to a record low level. Since the contract prices are in US dollars and euros, the company now incurs a currency risk. How can you make this transparent? Most logistics software solutions do not have functionality that provide clear insight and a push of a button in Excel also cannot clarify the situation. With an increasingly shorter time-to-market and a highly dynamic market, insight into the commodity trading process is extremely important

In this white paper, we reflect on the challenges in the commodity trading business, the existing software solutions and a fully integrated commodity trading and ERP solution that you might not yet know. With this solution – the Cadran Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) module integrated in Oracle JD Edwards ERP – you have the right software for trading, inventory management and finance, you can make processes transparent, reduce risks and remain competitive.

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