Meet Redfaire International's Women in Tech | Jaz Sandhu

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We would like to introduce you to some of the many great Women in Tech who work at Redfaire International and Partner Companies | Jaz Sandhu

Meet Redfaire International's Women in Tech | Jaz Sandhu Image

How did you get started working with Oracle ERP?

It’s funny, I actually stumbled across working with JD Edwards. In 1998 I started working for an electronics company based in Reading as a Finance Manager. My role was to recruit and set up a finance team over a period of 6 months and in-between I was to ‘learn’ about this amazing, new ERP system that was going to be rolled out across the UK and the Nordics. One of my trainers has now also become a colleague here at Redfaire. I will never forget the day he showed me how SQL works…. It was like being able to perform magic!


What is your role?

I am one of the Service Delivery Managers and have a customer base of around 20 clients. My job is to make sure that our clients are happy and that we are successfully meeting our promise of client service excellence.


What does your typical day look like?

A typical day would consist of customer service review meetings and follow-up, coordinating on-boarding sessions between the project and support teams, internal meetings.


What is your favourite thing about your job?

I have a wide range of customers across different industries, this makes my role very interesting and different day-to-day. I enjoy the interaction and problem solving.


What are you most proud of?

When I look back at my career, as a working Asian woman and mother, I have achieved a lot in a sector that used to be mostly male-dominated. I’ve been very lucky to work with some amazing individuals over the years and more importantly a very supportive family that believe in me.


Any advice for graduates, particularly women who may be considering a career in Tech?

I would say go for it! It’s an industry that needs more women. Technology is not always about coming up with new ideas, it also involves figuring out how to makes those ideas work.


Tell us More?

I have two grown-up sons that live at home, no pets, and find that my non-working time is now filled with cooking and cleaning instead of visiting my local wine bar!


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