Meet Redfaire International's Women in Tech

Posted by Shannon Lyons

We'd like to introduce you to some of the many great Women in Tech who work at Redfaire International and Partner Companies.



Paola Pomi

Starting her JD Edwards journey in 1998, Paola was hired as a graduate at Sinfo One. Still with the company, she now works as a general manager and aids her team in growth and development.


 Patricia Clarke

With a rich background in ERP systems, Patricia now manages her own team to ensure that Redfaire clients get the best support and delivery available to help their business grow.


Kerry Cadley

Joining JD Edwards in 1997, Kerry now works on a team of 60+ people providing 24HR support to their customer base.

Éibhlín Kelly


Éibhlín Kelly

After studying Business Computing in College, Éibhlín heard about a job opportunity at Redfaire. Once selected, her journey with Redfaire and JD Edwards began.

Margie Cabanas

Margie Cabanas

After working in tech for several years, in 2005  Margie took the leap and started her own business, Qualita,  Now the company has over 80 employees and a 50:50 gender balance

Jaz Sandhu

Jaz Sandhu

Starting in JD Edwards in 1998, Jaz now works as a Service Delivery Manager with a client base of 20 clients.


Klaudia Kochanska

Originally from Poland, Klaudia returned to university as a mature student to study IT and completed her final exams while heavily pregnant with her little girl Millie. It is fair to say Klaudia likes a challenge


Elisenda Canet

Meet Elisenda Canet based in Barcelona, Elisenda is co-founder and Consulting Director at Qualita our Spanish partner.

Racha Mennad

 Meet Racha Mennad who joined Redfaire in 2021, Racha works on the HR team and is passionate about all things Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion.


 Britt Horstink

Meet Britt Horstink who works with our Dutch partner Cadran as a Junior JD Edwards Logistics Consultant.

Adéle van der Merwe

Meet Adéle van der Merwe who works as a Technical Resource Manager for Redfaire while also juggling the pressure of being a parent and a craffter!

Bridgeen McCarthy

Meet Bridgeen McCarthy who came to Redfaire after many years working in industry. Her first role at Redfaire was as a Snr. JD Edwards Project Manager. Bridgeen now works as part of the Customer Success Team.

Harshala Dalvi

Meet Harshala Dalvi who works with our Global Support Team as a Technical Consultant. Harshala has, since her school days, been a strong advocate for women in technology and was selected to be part of the ACM Women in Computing organisation in India.


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