Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and JDE - The Perfect Match

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Moving JD Edwards to the Cloud delivers financial and technical benefits, leverages your investment in the ERP you know and love, and ensures you are agile enough to react to whatever the future may hold.

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You’ve decided to move JDE from on-premises to the Cloud. That decision was easy. The benefits are clear:

  • TCO: Total Cost of Ownership is lower. You shift infrastructure costs from CapEx to Opex.
  • Agility: Scale up and down as your business needs to. It is also easier to extend JDE functionality once you are on the latest version and in the Cloud.
  • Efficiency: With your ERP in the Cloud you dedicate less time and fewer resources to just ‘keeping the lights on', giving you more time to focus on innovation and fine-tuning your ERP to build competitive advantage.
  • Performance: Delivers superior performance, clients have seen for example 2-10x faster reporting speed.
  • Reduce Risk: Protect against technological obsolescence. Increase your investment in innovation.

What makes Oracle Cloud the best fit for JD Edwards?

Now for a potentially more complicated decision – how to decide which Cloud is best for you? Different Cloud providers bring different strengths, the key is picking the right Cloud for the right job. Many of our clients adopt a multicloud strategy. When the job is running JDE in the Cloud, the answer is clear: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. 
 We break down the benefits of OCI for JDE into

  • Technical
  • Financial
  • Practical

Some of the benefits:


  • Security: Whether you are an SMB or large corporation you are getting the same ‘always on’ protection from Oracle. What’s more Oracle security was built from the ‘ground up’ and addresses security challenges across infrastructure. Learn more about OCI Security.
  • Performance: Oracle is the only Cloud provider to offer performance guarantees backed by SLAs.
  • Agility: With OCI, resources can be rapidly adjusted to accommodate specific demand and critical business timelines such as holidays and month-end reporting.


  • Lower TCO: Oracle has simplified pricing and developed pricing models that result in lower, more transparent pricing for enterprise Apps, including JDE. Studies have shown that running JDE on OCI is less expensive. the estimated total cost of ownership (TCO) of this solution can be up to 46% less than running on-premises and is also less expensive than running JDE on competing Clouds.
  • Flexible Licencing Options: Oracle recognises clients’ loyalty and offers a BYOL – bring your own licence model.


  • Simplicity: Moving JDE to OCI is simpler. Oracle has made a massive number of investments, at the infrastructure layer, networking layer, and compute layer, to make it easy for customers to move their most complex workloads onto OCI. As you can imagine, once you are in the Cloud it is also easier to Extend JDE with other Oracle Cloud Applications.
  • One Vendor: As a Cloud Service partner, we look after all aspects of your move to the Cloud, we provision OCI, Migrate JDE and then support you going forward.

Resources – Learn More About JD Edwards & OCI


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