I'm a JD Edwards Nephophile* - OK, I've said it!

Posted by Christian Fronteras

So, as a JD Edwards user, what does Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) do for me that other Clouds don’t? The first point of differentiation is an obvious one, performance.

I'm a JD Edwards Nephophile* - OK, I've said it! Image

JDE on Oracle Cloud - Engineered to Work Together

Running JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic Server in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure delivers the best possible performance and support. They are engineered to work together.

Value and Flexibility 

The next key differentiators are the middleware technologies, the Database and Webserver. Both of which are available only on Oracle Cloud as subscription services (also referred to as PaaS or Platform as a Service). In other words, rather than owning these licenses and paying annual maintenance, simply rent them (if “Cash is King,” “Opex is Queen”). I hear what you're thinking. “Over time I’ll end up paying more” and yes, this is a fact but remember, the Clouds are constantly changing and evolving. Maybe what you need today will not be the same as what  you need three years from now. Did you purchase your car outright?

Leverage your Current Investment

That’s great if you are new to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne but what if you have already bought your Oracle Database and WebLogic licenses? No problem – in fact, you might be pleased you did. Unique to Oracle is the BYOL (Bring Your Own License) feature where you can consume Oracle Cloud Infrastructure PaaS services at a discounted hourly subscription. What’s more, to recognise the investment you have already made in Oracle technology, Oracle will give you double (or more) Cloud equivalent technology resource for these licenses. You now have Cloud cost agility on your previously purchased license, not just the underlying infrastructure.

So, should I move to the Cloud now or wait and see? I say “An on-premise processor license is worth two in the Cloud.”

Take Advantage of The Latest Innovations

Being on the latest version of JDE and on Oracle Cloud means you are positioned to take advantage of all the latest innovations. Some of the innovations coming out of the Denver labs for EnterpriseOne users include:

Running JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on-premise is a capital-intensive activity (software, resource, infrastructure). You might argue that you’ve mastered ‘sweating’ the asset and this may be true but I promise, the cost will catch up with you.


Hear from JD Edwards Customers already on Oracle Cloud

Building a Cloud business case has never been easier.

If you have any questions, please contact us or check out our Moving JD Edwards to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FAQs.

*Nephophile [Noun.] A person who loves clouds.  


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