JD Edwards on Oracle Cloud - Q&A session with PizzaExpress and CH&CO

Posted by Niamh Vaughan

Many of you have questions about moving JD Edwards to the Cloud. On February 23rd, Oracle & Redfaire ran a webinar with Siobhan Fagan, IT Director at PizzaExpress, and Rob Lee, ICT Manager at CH&CO, to talk about running JD Edwards on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. After the main presentations, there was a lively Q&A session. It is well worth a watch.

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Why run JDE on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?

During the discussion, it was pointed out that running Oracle ERP on Oracle Cloud just makes sense. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was engineered to run Enterprise Systems so there is the technical advantage but there is also the advantage of having one provider if there is a problem, even for a basic issue like support.

The participants were also quick to point out that clients often run different systems on different Clouds, you don't have to have all your mission-critical enterprise systems on one Cloud. Indeed, Oracle and Microsoft's 'connected cloud' alliance addresses this.

What are the Security Implications of running your JDE ERP in the Cloud? 

Clearly, security is never far from the minds of the IT team and as Siobhan points out, as an IT director you will never feel totally secure. In the Cloud, however, Siobhan feels even more secure than on-premise. With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure you are getting best-of-breed security from the Cloud provider and you can also add extra layers of security based on your business and processes.

Can you talk about the risks of moving to the Cloud?

Like all projects that involve moving data and re-platforming there are, of course, risks but with Cloud, because it is so quick and easy to set up dev and test environments, a lot of these risks are mitigated. The key is governance and getting used to this new way of working.

It is important to remember that 'the business' takes into account that you are not 'outsourcing' completely. it sounds obvious but Application responsibility is still with the company, you still need SSL, Anti-virus, and Malware. It has to be continually managed. Also, keep an eye on the basic things like having controls in place to ensure Apps that are not getting used get 'turned off".

What are the Business Benefits of running JD Edwards in the Cloud?

  • Agility & Innovation: In the Cloud, you can stand up for development and test environments quickly. This gives you the ability to quickly test new solutions like in the case of PizzaExpress Machine Learning and IoT. Cloud means that you can pilot these solutions without having to make large capital investments, which given the impact of Covid is a huge benefit.
  • Performance & Availability: This has been a huge advantage at CH&CO. 9.2 is always available any maintenance does not impact day-to-day activities. With Oracle Cloud, you get the 'luxury' of high-end redundancy which means you have a robust disaster recovery solution.
  • ROI: With Cloud, you get the opportunity to turn down or turn off Applications depending on what is needed. This was particularly useful during Covid as the context changed so quickly. Both PizzaExpress and CH&CO have made considerable savings by outsourcing management of JD Edwards in the Cloud to Redfaire's team of JDE support & Cloud specialists.


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