Video | JD Edwards on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure at Adnams

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Hear from the team at Adnams on how JD Edwards and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure help them in their mission to create memorable moments and experiences that delight.

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In 2022,  Adnams of Southwold celebrated its 150th year in business. As you can imagine, since 1872 there have been a lot of challenges and changes along the way. Adnams has evolved and diversified and implementing Oracle JD Edwards on Oracle OCI has been part of this journey.

Adnams is a brewery and a distillery, there are hotels and pubs, but at the heart of it all, there is its mission to bring a sense of joy and conviviality to people, be that to customers or to colleagues and to do it in a sustainable way.

Let’s be honest, as people enjoy an Adnams’ product, they probably aren’t thinking about IT or ERP systems, but as Daniel, Katie, and Fergus explain in this video, JD Edwards ERP is one of the key tools that helps the team at Adnams to deliver on their mission.

Highlights of the video include:

  • JDE enabling new and better ways of working - process improvements across the business driven by front-line workers.
  • Using Orchestration to ensure product quality and reduce waste.
  • Using Orchestrations to automate manual tasks, freeing up the team to engage in more meaningful work.
  • How JDE helped them to pivot their distribution networks during the pandemic and to continue to be able to deliver their products to consumers in a sustainable way.


Moving JDE onto OCI has meant the IT team has more time to focus on process improvements rather than worrying about infrastructure. The team has been impressed with the unparalleled performance and availability delivered by OCI. Moving to OCI has also ensured Adnams' is taking full advantage of Oracle's investment in security. 



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