JD Edwards Innovations to Optimize Logistics

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JD Edwards ERP is well-known for its logistics prowess. The JDE team continues to add value with new functionality and improved User Experience

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Logistics Functionality in JD Edwards

In JD Edwards 9.2, there are out-of-the-box roles designed to help your logistics team do their best work. The role helps them to optimize:

  • Transportation planning
  • Inventory Levels
  • Warehouse flow


Warehouse Manager

You have all the data that you need to understand what is happening in the Warehouse.

Transportation Manager

Similarly, with the new UX you can quickly make decisions to optimize your transportation costs.


Process improvements - Leveraging Orchestration, Automation, and Mobile

Thanks to notifications, orchestrations and mobile development, you can now execute what was previously a tedious manual process with just a click on your mobile. Below a  before and after example of a shipping Supervisor's  manual, repetitive processes being automated





Learn More about JD Edwards Logistics Enhancements

Check out this presentation from the JD Edwards team to learn more about optimizing logistics with JDE

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