Whitepaper: JD Edwards Internet of Things Orchestrator

Posted by Niamh Vaughan

The Internet thus far has primarily been an internet of people who create and consume the data in an interconnected manner.

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The advent of the mobile revolution, however, has created a proliferation of cheap and capable microprocessors and networking devices, which, coupled with technological maturity, are ushering in a new age of Machine-to-Machine Internet. This M2M Internet is characterized by a number of interconnected machines and people that is higher by orders of magnitude than traditional internet based solutions. The Internet of Things is the transformational interconnection of devices and sensors, such as machinery and appliances, with mobile and enterprise hardware and software to create a new breed of applications that integrate the physical and software assets to provide a quantum shift in optimizing business processes.

This interconnected platform where machines and software interact seamlessly promises to bridge the gap between the physical world and the world of software algorithms to bring about disruptive innovation heralding new smart enterprises and ushering in a revolution in modern manufacturing, agribusiness, utilities, energy, mining, real estate management, construction and other industry segments.

Business Value of the Internet of Things

Almost every organization can benefit from the technology advances described above. For example, where currently a person is needed to manually inspect a piece of equipment, automation reduces inspection costs, eliminates travel costs and avoids sending a person into a potentially dangerous location. Automation can help anticipate and therefore avoid failures to keep projects on schedule and on budget.

Currently, many organizations employ machine sensors for data acquisition and supervisory control. However, the number and variety of sensors and proprietary protocols which are very limited and rigid in their functionality can be daunting.

The Internet of Things, by contrast, is a seamless appliance based on existing open standards, which bridges the gap between operations and information technology and enables you to gain unprecedented operational effectiveness and top-line revenue.


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