Industry 4.0 with JD Edwards & Oracle IoT

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Industry 4.0 - JD Edwards ERP has been at the forefront of developing IoT solutions. Watch this video for some great ideas, insights and demos of JD Edwards clients using IoT to deliver business benefits.

There has been a lot of talk about how the Internet of Things (IoT) is bringing about the “the next Industrial Revolution”. However, it does seem that a “tipping point” has now been reached. Many manufacturers are already using smart sensors and according to a recent report, many more are planning to implement IoT in the next twelve months.

JD Edwards & IoT

JD Edwards ERP has been at the forefront of developing IoT solutions.  The video at the bottom of this blog on
Oracle’s IoT solution is well-worth watching if you are interested in Industry 4.0. There is a good mix of topics and includes a general overview, some customer case-studies as well as predictions of how IoT will evolve.

Business Value of IoT

Some of the key takeaways include:

  • Minute 6: Best Practices for IoT implementation:  The advice is not to think of an IoT implementation as a “big bang” but rather to run three month pilot projects so that you can measure and communicate on the value delivered. The JD Edwards IoT Orchestrator facilitates this phased approach.

    IoT Deployment Phases


  • Minute 9: How Oracle’s IoT Cloud Service extends the reach of Business Applications
    • Connect – creating a software representation of equipment and assets in the Cloud.
    •  Analyze: Make sense of all the incoming data. IoT analytics combines real-time data stream processing, historical data and contextual information from business Applications to deliver insights.
    • Integrate: Integrating insights into Business Process within Business Applications such as JD Edwards

      Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service

  • Minute 12: JD Edwards Demo — A very interesting demo which shows how JD Edwards & IoT can optimize the up time of Assets through the automatic creation of a work-order. The demo also shows how IoT improves customer experience (CX) with Oracle Services Cloud.

JD Edwards Demo IoT


  • Minute 26:  A great panel discussion on the Best Practices for IoT implementations which includes Bob Monahan who talks about JD Edwards clients getting business value from IoT. He talks about the Conti Group a Global Engineering firm that uses IoT for optimised preventive maintenance and keeping track of the location of equipment in the field. You can also see an interview with Conti Groups CIO on IoT here.  Another example Bob gives is about Trek Bicycle manufacturing which we have already mentioned in our blog
  • Minute 35: IoT Implementations  — advice from Bob Monahan, Vice President of Product Management for the Oracle JD Edwards product organization, on running IoT pilots.
  • Minute 54: Summary of the discussion. 

Driving Business Value with IoT

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