How to shed technological debt and transform your JD Edwards application.

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What is technological debt? Find out by reading our new blog and how to stay Code Current!

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What is technological debt?
According to Gartner, Inc. Technology Debt is the outstanding amount of money an organization must spend on digital technology cost obligations to continue doing business. Technology debt includes technical debt, a term specific to software application design and development.

Technical debt is a metaphor used to explain the build-up of deficiencies in code quality that make code difficult to modify for new features. The extra effort required to add new features due to these code deficiencies is similar to the interest you pay on financial debt.

Code deficiencies occur for various reasons, including coding shortcuts, unnecessary complexity, and bad coding practices.


Why is technological debt important?
It will slow your business down and hinder transformation while also being costly. However, you can’t write off the debt but you can identify it and reduce it so that you can continue to transform and progress.


Why shedding it is important?
Reducing technological debt associated to your JD Edwards application needs to be considered because in doing so you allow the business to be more agile and stay code current for less.


How to shed it?

1. Identify
Firstly you have to be able to identify and account for your organisation’s technological debt, in order to communicate this to the business which in turn enables change to happen both at a cost and time.

2. Report
By building reports that flag changes that are going to result in technical debt you are empowered to measure, react and rectify before it impacts.

3. Manage

4. By continually monitoring and managing your debt you are able to implement the necessary steps to stay code current and work in an agile way.


How can we help you?

We have extensive knowledge not only in JD Edwards but also in helping businesses revert to standard code to enable upgrades as well as staying code current and working more agilely.

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