Time for a JD Edwards Attic Conversion?

Posted by Christian Fronteras

So, I have a theory, moving JD Edwards to the Cloud is a bit like converting your attic. No really, bear with me. In 2021, our houses are no longer just our homes; they are also our offices and often our kids’ schools. The world has changed, and we have had to adapt.

Time for a JD Edwards Attic Conversion? Image

Flexibility & Performance

We need more space, but we don’t want to move because:

  • We’ve invested a lot in these four walls.
  • There are good schools and we really like our neighbours.

So what can we do? Convert your attic!

Leveraging your ERP Investment

Your ERP has also had to adapt to changing times and by moving JD Edwards to the Cloud you get to :

☁️ Keep the asset you already know and love.

☁️ Benefit from cost savings while also increasing the ROI of your asset

☁️ Improve performance

☁️ Be more agile and flexible

JDE in the Cloud also enhances security but that doesn't really fit with my attic conversion analogy - oh well. The good news is that Moving to the Cloud is also much easier than an attic conversion. But don't take our word for it.

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Christian Fronteras

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Christian Fronteras leads Redfaire’s Cloud Division. Christian has been working with JD Edwards for over twenty years including more than ten years with JD Edwards in Europe and Asia. Christian developed the Cloud 9 package to ensure that JDE clients can quickly and easily reap all the benefits of OCI.

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