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At CloudWorld Safra Catz spoke about a common misconception that moving fast is risky. On the contrary, Safra argues, the greatest risk is when you move slowly in a fast-moving environment.

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In the twenty-first century, things change quickly. Standing still is not an option. Since 2000, 52 percent of the companies in the Fortune 500 have either gone bankrupt, been acquired, ceased to exist, or dropped out of the Fortune 500.

Safra spoke about her own experience of managing Oracle’s transformation, explaining that while adopting new ways of doing things can be scary, it does not have to be risky. In fact, innovation done right reduces risk. It is energizing, transformative, and benefits everyone.

Safra Catz Keynote at Oracle CloudWorld 
Driving Impactful Business Results


JD Edwards & OCI: The Best of Both Worlds 

During his CloudWorld keynote, Clay Magouyrk, noted that only 30% of workloads currently take advantage of the Cloud. Many companies, it seems, are put off by potential risks around privacy, cost, and technical complexity.

Our mission at Redfaire is to make sure JDE clients do not miss out on the incredible opportunities offered by Cloud.  We’ve fine-tuned our JDE to Cloud migration methodology, Cloud 9, thanks to our deep knowledge of JDE and our years of experience helping JDE clients move to the Cloud. Keeping the ERP that you know and trust, while also taking advantage of the innovation offered by the Cloud gives you the best of both worlds,

Embracing Multicloud – Simple, Easy & Integrated

What’s more, the good news is that with Oracle’s recent investment in Cloud technology, reducing technical risk has never been easier. Just a few years ago, clients had to make do with a ‘one size fits all’  approach often resulting in a round peg in a square hole type scenario.

Now, with the advent of Multicloud, you get the Cloud and/or Clouds that is right not just for your business, but indeed for individual workloads.

Multicloud is here to stay, 82% of large enterprises use multiple Clouds, a 27% increase from last year, and Oracle has embraced this change by investing seriously in Multicloud. The Oracle OCI team has focused on:

  • Oracle Services on Other Clouds: An example of this is the work that has been done on making Oracle Database on Azure a streamlined experience. You can see what this means in detail at minute 50. Similarly, this streamlined approach is being brought to MySQL Heatwave on Azure.
  • Combining others’ services with OCI.
  • Improving Interoperability between Clouds.

Clay Magouyrk Keynote at Oracle CloudWorld 
What's New for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure



Thanks to the considerable investment and the hard work of the OCI team, JD Edwards clients can access an evolving, robust Cloud that works well with other Clouds. OCI, like JDE continues to evolve in both depth and breadth. So what are you waiting for? Interested in moving JDE to the Cloud? Contact us and learn more by checking out the resources below.

JD Edwards on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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