Executive Brief: Agile PLM in Consumer Packaged Goods

Posted by Niamh Vaughan

For more than three decades, the consumer packaged goods industry grew exponentially, spurred by innovation and brand proliferation.

Executive Brief: Agile PLM in Consumer Packaged Goods Image

However, with the recent recession, that trend began to reverse, and suddenly, companies were seeing their market values go flat for the first time in recent memory. Today, faced with slower population growth, more discerning customers and an economic environment that makes raising prices difficult, the pressure is on for packaged goods companies to be more efficient than ever, achieving productivity gains and collaboration that are key to remaining competitive in today’s challenging market. Oracle’s Enterprise PLM solution, Agile PLM makes this task much easier by providing a complete and industry­ proven suite of applications that enable consumer packaged goods manufacturers to gain control over every aspect of the product lifecycle.


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