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Posted by Niamh Vaughan

The industrial manufacturing industry is in a constant flux, driven by relentless financial pressure, demand cyclicality and increasing consumer need for ever more complex products.

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To succeed, industrial product manufacturers are leveraging Oracle’s Agile Product Lifecycle Management to effectively plan and execute complex programs, significantly improve operating cost structures, deliver products that satisfy customer requirements, and position themselves as providers of complete product and service solutions to their customers.

Driving Business Value in the Industrial Manufacturing Industry

Industrial product manufacturers face severe financial pressure, cyclical demand, and customers with unique requirements for progressively more complex products. The increasingly important role of the customer in product decisions has forced industrial product manufacturers to improve product line planning, achieve better balance between resources and features, and adjust programs based on customer orders. To stay competitive, you must provide superior customer service throughout the lifecycle of the product. Additionally, with supply chain operations around the world, you need to effectively manage and communicate product information with suppliers to drive product costs down, deliver at specified quality levels and meet schedule commitments.


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