Accelerate Product Innovation and Maximize Profitability

Posted by Niamh Vaughan

Rise above challenging market conditions to accelerate revenue, reduce costs, and improve product quality with Agile Product Lifecycle Management.

Shrinking product lifecycles, global competition, supply chain complexity, and increasing customer demands have made it more challenging than ever to bring winning products to the market. To increase revenue, market share, quality, and product profitability, manufacturers must achieve operational excellence throughout the product lifecycle and across the extended enterprise. To stay competitive, they must maximize product pipeline throughput while shortening cycle times, achieving target margins, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Seamlessly integrating outsourced design, supply chain, and manufacturing resources with internal processes can be the difference between winning and losing.

Oracle’s Agile Product Lifecycle Management solutions enable businesses to accelerate product innovation and maximize product profitability by managing the information, processes, and decisions about their products throughout the product lifecycle and across the global product network. With a broad suite of enterprise-class product lifecycle management (PLM) applications and time-to­ value-focused implementations, Oracle provides the most comprehensive PLM solution in the industry.


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