3 reasons why JD Edwards is alive and kicking!

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Overview: JD Edwards continues to evolve and empower clients to not only, 'keep the lights on' but also to thrive as they take advantage of the latest investments from Oracle. Catch up on some of the latest announcements and the product vision from the JDE team.

3 reasons why JD Edwards is alive and kicking! Image

JD Edwards alive and kicking

“The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated” – JD Edwards, 2018. Ok, slight misappropriation, it was actually Mark Twain who said it in 1895, but the message remains the same if you have ever heard someone say that JDE is dead…

This erroneous line started circulating around 2005 when JDE was bought by PeopleSoft and then surfaced again when Oracle acquired the ERP system.  Recent announcements show that JD Edwards has never been more alive!

This article highlights three compelling examples which show why JD Edwards continues to be a trusted and valued platform for business.

1.Oracle's Lifetime Support for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 extends through 2032!

Premier Support for Oracle JD Edwards E1 is extended through at least 2031, reinforcing Oracle’s commitment to customers and product innovation. A stable and predictable long-term support policy enables customers to maximize and expand their existing investments with ample time for future planning. JD Edwards World A9.4: Premier Support is effective through at least April 2022 and Extended Support through at least April 2025.

Learn More: Check out Oracle's Doc on JD Edwards Premier Support and Continuous Delivery FAQ

2. Continuous JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Releases - Staying Code Current to Drive Innovation

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 and JD Edwards World A9.4 are referred to as the Continuous Innovation releases for JD Edwards products.

Continuous Innovation delivery model:  The plan is to deliver new functionality to JD Edwards products as updates to the existing release. Upgrades are therefore not required to gain access to new features and capabilities, You get to focus on innovation and no longer need to plan for 'big bang' upgrade projects.

Learn More: Info from the JD Edwards Team on Continuous Adoption

3. JD Edwards. - A Digital Platform

JD Edwards continues to evolve to ensure your business can remain agile in a fast-changing world. JD Edwards Clients are not only taking advantage of all the latest features and functionalities of the latest releases, they are also 


The State of JD Edwards

Learn More: Check out this overview of the latest Application & System Enhancements in JD Edwards 9.2


JD Edwards 9.2 delivers on core business functionality - you know it works and works well,  while also letting you innovate and harness the power of Oracle's technical investment and know-how. JD Edwards really does give you the best of both worlds - you don't have to worry about 'keeping the lights and you get to implement transformative technology that builds competitive advantage and future-proofs your business.

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