Video - Using IoT to Drive Value - Oracle IoT Cloud Service & JDE IoT Orchestrator

Posted by Niamh Vaughan

In the short, insightful video below, Bob Monahan, VP Product Strategy for JD Edwards, explains how IoT generates value for ERP customers.

He talks about both Oracle JD Edwards IoT Orchestrator and Oracle IoT Cloud Service, explaining that the JDE IoT Orchestrator is good for getting IoT initiatives up and running, while Oracle's IoT Cloud Service is a great tool when you want to scale your IoT implementation.

Bob gives us a brief overview on how the Oracle JD Edwards IoT Orchestrator simplifies the adoption and implementation of IoT by using components such as:  

  • Whitelist – Helps to identify the sensors or devices  from which you expect to feed REST based Services to the ERP . This Whitelist provides an additional layer of security to the IoT Orchestrator security. 
  • Cross-Reference Capability:  This enables you to convert the long serial numbers of the IoT devices and sensors  into an EnterpriseOne value for use in service requests. 
  • Business Rules to monitor and act on information coming in. 

JD Edwards IoT Orchestrator and the Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service

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