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Posted by Niamh Vaughan

SkypeTo be honest, when people started talking about the Internet of Things (IoT) I thought it all sounded a bit futuristic and not particularly relevant to “real life”.

However, thanks to the pace of innovation, many products that just a few years ago seemed like something out of science-fiction are now commonplace - my kids think it is completely normal that they get to “see” their grandmother when they talk to her on the phone.

Similarly, with the release of the JD Edwards Internet of Things Orchestrator, I realize that the Internet of Things is now very real and very relevant to our clients.

What is the Internet of things?

According to the excellent Oracle JD Edwards Whitepaper JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Internet of Things Orchestrator, “The Internet of Things is the transformational interconnection of devices and sensors, such as machinery and appliances, with mobile and enterprise hardware and software to create a new breed of applications that integrate the physical and software assets to provide a quantum shift in optimizing business processes.”

In simple terms, the Internet of Things lets non-human devices “talk to” each other so that us humans can work more efficiently. Examples of IoT devices can be seen everywhere, including automobiles, construction equipment, manufacturing equipment and parking meters. IoT can even, apparently, eliminate trips to the supermarket  - check out  this article on the Amazon Dash button.  

Industries with potential for IoT & ERP 

While almost all industries can benefit from IoT, the most obvious candidates for early adoption are companies using expensive assets in remote locations such as construction or mining companies. Reducing the downtime of these assets could have a really significant impact on the bottom-line.

However, these are just the most obvious use cases and in the JD Edwards Whitepaper there are lots of other examples of how the Internet of Things can benefit companies: 

  • Perishable goods: Sensors can monitor the temperature, humidity, and location of your goods as they travel through your supply chain. Monitoring these critical factors and taking quick action on alerts enables you to significantly reduce spoilage and, as a result, increase revenue by reducing costs associated with wasted inventory.

  • Product support: Products that you sell to your customers could communicate back to your maintenance organization the current status, diagnostic information, and available quantity of consumables. This information will allow you to deliver a better quality of service to your customers by capturing potential failures before they have an impact and also increase your revenue through expanded service offerings and replenishment of consumables. 

  • Agribusiness: Measuring and monitoring your entire business process from growing operations through your processing operations would enable you to reduce or even eliminate manual inspection at every step. This would help you make timely decisions on tasks such as irrigation.

This is just the beginning, there is so much potential for this technology.

JD Edwards ERP & The Internet of Things -
Let’s Get Creative

What is so great about the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne IoT Orchestrator is that it helps us partners to get creative. It gives us the tools to work with our clients to imagine, build and implement really game-changing IoT applications.

What sets the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne IoT Orchestrator apart among Oracle IoT solutions is its inherent and built-in integration. Any device capable of sending a simple data stream over a REST service request can be integrated with any of the 80+ application modules. This means that any business process that can be optimized by having access to real-time, continuous, accurate data will benefit from having the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne IoT Orchestrator as its hub.

We are really excited about helping clients to leverage this truly disruptive technology. We strongly believe that being an early adopter of  IoT could be transformative for a business. So, please get in touch, we’d love to talk to you about how IoT can help your business

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