Selected for an Oracle Licence Audit – What now?

Posted by Daniela Jimenez

Oracle Corporation, like most software vendors, grants the right to use its products through software licence agreements or sublicence agreements. Unlicensed use of Oracle's software may constitute a breach, violation of intellectual property rights laws and in many cases significant penalties from the Oracle Licence Audit Team.

So, what happens when your company is been selected for an Oracle Licences audit? Firstly, there is no need to panic if your company understands and ensures that they are utilizing their licences in accordance with Oracle’s terms and conditions. In fact, in some cases during an audit, some customers find out they are paying for licences that they do not really need.

The reality can be different for other Oracle customers, who can struggle to remain in compliance with Oracle policies. There are many contributing factors which can lead to this situation; growth of the business, increased workforce through recruitment, acquisitions or mergers that result in increased usage volumes, misinterpretation or lack of understanding of Oracle's licensing policies.

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Do you know if you’re compliant or non-compliant? 
We have partnered with Q-Software and are offering a free Q-Cloud Licence Audit service. This solution allows you to help see actual usage against your licensed allowance. You can log-in at any time to request an audit run and get the results back within hours.

No technical resource required, no SQL scripts, and no panicking! This service can help you plan for future licensing requirements, as well as monitoring current licence compliance.

The Redfaire International team is ready to take your call! Together with our partner Q-Software, we’ll help your company run an on-demand audit, with no technical effort, making it easy to monitor usage and stay compliant.

If you’d like to know more, feel free to join our upcoming webinar on April 4th at 10am GMT to see how our licence analysis allows your company to become ‘compliant’ prior to any Oracle LMS (Licenced Managed Services) Audits.

You can register here:

Open the door before the knock and see how your organization can gain detailed insight into your current deployed Oracle estate.

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