Not at COLLABORATE? Here’s a recap of what’s happening in San Antonio!

Posted by Daniela Jimenez

This week the Oracle JD Edwards community gathers in San Antonio for COLLABORATE 2019. There are many exciting sessions around Oracle JD Edwards and networking events to share insights and experiences.

Lyle Ekdahl started his very well-known JD Edwards keynotes speech with an overhead projector this year - Yeah, that’s right, an OHP! This was followed by a clear message about Digital Transformation and how JDE 9.2 enables and accelerates your digital transformation here and now!

Lyle Ekdahl Collaborate 2019

This year’s speech showcased digital success using real JD Edwards case stories. From a salt production company in Brazil, to a construction materials company in the USA and a global medical equipment company, these stories demonstrated how customers around the world enable transformation and improve operational efficiency using JD Edwards Orchestrator, IoT, UX One and Cloud solutions.

The benefits of JD Edwards Orchestration were highlighted as the heart of this digital transformation. “It is a profound and significant enhancement to the application suites because it transforms how the JDE system is used and how the data is collected” said Lyle. Customers can move away from manual data entry and increase the value of the data itself.

There is a strong statement to take from this year keynote “the closer you are to JD Edwards 9.2 the closer you are to a Digital Strategy”. Upgrading to 9.2 is not just a technical upgrade. Applications such as Orchestrations, Mobility, IoT, and UX One are critical to business success and the transformation is only possible once you start. Waiting is not a strategy.

Check out the full keynote here:

JD Edwards Keynote Collaborate 2019 9.2

This is just a small portion of what we’ve learnt at COLLABORATE this week. To learn more about JD Edwards' new releases and innovations, please check the JD Edwards Roadmap: Your JD Edwards Journey shared by Bob Monahan and Gary Grieshaber. Explore the paths you can take, investment strategy, support timelines, and cloud strategy to achieve the benefits of EnterpriseOne 9.2.    

JD Edwards Keynote Collaborate 2019

COLLABORATE19 is almost over but Oracle continues investing in ERP Modernization, and Digital Transformation to help and support customers in their journey to become a digital enterprise.

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