Created specifically for JDE customers who purchase commodities and turn them into products

JD Edwards Procure & Hedge enables you to execute trading processes within JD Edwards. By entering all your quotation contracts straight into JD Edwards, you save time in creating the right purchase orders, while benefitting from real time insights into your exposure and position.

With support for physical, future, options and FX contracts, you can easily hedge your position and make sure your exposure is covered. The Procure & Hedge solution also includes automatic settlement of both Futures and Options and generation of Purchase Orders, allowing you to save significant time in the process. The connection between the market and the value of your stock keeping unit is automatically made! Finally, the solution supports multiple Greek character calculations, such as delta, theta and others.

Built with the Commodity Trader in mind

Built with the Commodity Trader in mind

Built as a module within <br>JD Edwards

Built as a module within
JD Edwards

Quick & non-intrusive Implementation

Quick & non-intrusive Implementation

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate Excel and run all your commodities purchasing and hedging processes within JD Edwards
  • Built with the Commodity Trader in mind: focused on your business and your processes
  • Built as a module within JD Edwards: no integration required
  • Works with standard JD Edwards concepts such as Watchlists with a data model for OBIEE and Tableau ready made
  • Can be implemented with minimum impact on existing JD Edwards configuration, allowing for a quick implementation timeline and a non-intrusive implementation

“JD Edwards Procure & Hedge is one of those opportunities where you can truly unlock the value of your ERP, executing those processes that are critical for your industry and organization.”

Jelle Huisman, Managing Partner at Cadran Analytics


Is your profitability impacted by market volatility when buying commodities?

Our solution delivers insight in key risks and allows you to hedge your contracts effectively and at the right time.

Do you lack insight in supply chain and margin?

JD Edwards Procure & Hedge provides insight in the realized and unrealized P&L on a daily basis, and helps you address a drop in the market price immediately.

Do you manage your commodity positions in spreadsheets?

JDE Procure & Hedge allows you to record your contract commitments directly into JD Edwards, thereby improving your position overview as well as data accuracy.

Do you suffer from slow integrations between your data in JD Edwards and your data in Excel or other 3rd party applications?

JD Edwards Procure & Hedge is built within JD Edwards and doesn’t need any integration whatsoever.

Would you like to benefit from an integrated profitability view, all the way from buying the commodity to selling the end product?

JD Edwards Procure & Hedge provides a fully integrated experience including audit trails.

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