Increase Efficiency with Proactive Data Management.

Data Management for JD Edwards can often be forgotten or pushed out by IT departments, resulting in major issues down the line.

To help with this, we can provide an expert solution tailored to your needs. We can help you with a ‘one-off’ data management project and also provide a unique, fully outsourced Data Management and Archiving Service (DMaaS) for a fixed monthly fee.





Datawaire DMaaS SERVICE

This expert service is managed by Datawaire - our specialist data and product management team.

Within the monthly fee, all software is included, as well as free implementation, eliminating unexpected costs and surprises. If your organization requires something different, we can also tailor our offering to suit your exact requirements.

Data Management


Receive maximum ongoing value and optimum application performance, helping your IT team to plan, schedule & run all your data management processes:

  • Lower the cost of your data management.
  • Predictable, monthly pricing.
  • Experienced JD Edwards and Data Archiving experts.
  • Global, multilingual 24/7/365 support.
  • Tailored service - choose the package and service level to suit your organization.
  • Proven managed service from an experienced team. See the Arcor and Pladis customer success stories.

We found Datawaire Data Archiving to be an extremely easy to use and efficient tool. It has given us the ability to really manage our application data and because of its flexibility and adaptability to other applications, this project has delivered a strong return on investment.

Juan Carlos Monteros, IT Project Leader, ARCOR


Contact Datawaire for advice and guidance on all aspects of Data Management.

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Arvos Group

Ljungström needed to migrate a high volume of ERP data from SAP to Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.


IT always had a strategic role at Pladis as the company continually invests in deploying the most efficient tools to maintain its competitive advantage.


ARCOR Group has been using JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0 since 2009, to help them cope with rapid growth.

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JD Edwards World to EnterpriseOne Migration

The benefits of upgrading to EnterpriseOne include Automation, Mobile applications, taking advantage of Oracle Cloud, better user experience, and more. Some of the reasons why companies previously delayed a move from World to EnterpriseOne, including skills, resources, data, customizations can now be resolved with readily available tools and technologies. Still need convincing? Watch the video below with a full presentation on why it makes business sense to adopt EnterpriseOne 9.2 today.

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