With JD Edwards AP Automation, you work smarter. By turning paper-based processes into efficient digital workflows you save time and money, you free your AP Team from tedious, manual and error-prone data-entry, and you reduce the risk of fraud.

The solution is fully integrated with Oracle JD Edwards and set up is quick with standard reports and dashboards available for immediate use, providing reliable and real-time data that ensures ‘one version of the truth’.






Key Benefits

  • Reduce administration time and cost by at least 25% across your local, or global team.
  • Provides transparency at every step in the process.
  • Quick, online access to invoice & accounts information.
  • Manage costs and risk of fraud through tight controls on procurement process.
  • Can be integrated with any financial system.
  • Simple, out-of-the-box solution that requires minimal staff training.

AP Automation is one of those opportunities where you get the chance to cut costs, improve productivity and free your colleagues from mundane, time-consuming tasks.

Barry Yelverton, CTO, Redfaire Group


Thanks to integrated OCR which captures invoice data and automated workflows which manage some of the most time consuming and mundane tasks of procure-to-pay operations, ApprovalPlus for JD Edwards delivers considerable productivity gains.

Automating AP also delivers cost savings. By streamlining procure-to-pay operations and dramatically decreasing the time it takes for data entry, exception handling and approvals, you can reduce invoice processing time from weeks to days. This means you can negotiate vendor discounts by meeting early payment terms and avoid late payment fees.

Is your invoice processing labour intensive and time-consuming?
Is your invoice processing labour intensive and time-consuming?

Our solution automates your invoicing process from document capture to seamlessly delivering business critical information to your JD Edwards ERP system.

Are there problems with your workflow when processing invoices?
Are there problems with your workflow when processing invoices?

Our solution provides pre-defined workflows based on industry best practices, that can be edited to your organization’s exact needs.

Is the lack of invoice automation creating poor visibility on cash flow positions?
Is the lack of invoice automation creating poor visibility on cash flow positions?

Our pre-defined workflows help you to improve governance and optimize your cash management processes.

Are you facing significant risks in data accuracy due to manual data collection?
Are you facing significant risks in data accuracy due to manual data collection?

Our document capture functionality scans the incoming invoices and automatically processes the data in your ERP system, increasing data accuracy and eliminating human error.

Key Features

  • Eliminate unnecessary paperwork.
  • Electronically routes invoices and purchase orders for approval.
  • Pre-approved delegation levels are maintained and enforced.
  • Electronic images of all supplier invoices are scanned and retained.
  • Enables users to dispute invoices.
  • Ensures a complete audit trail for every step in your accounts process.
  • Supports the delegation of tasks to Accounts Processing team.
  • Matches purchase orders with the relevant invoice.

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