Prevent Data Management issues, before they happen

Data Management can often be forgotten or pushed out by IT departments, resulting in major issues down the line. We provide a fully outsourced, expertly managed Data Management and Archiving Service for a fixed monthly fee. All software is included, as well as free implementation*, eliminating unexpected costs and surprises.

You receive maximum value and ongoing optimum application performance, helping your IT team to plan, schedule & run all your data management processes.

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Our DMaaS service provides:

  • Lower cost of data management
  • Predictable pricing
  • Experienced JD Edwards and Data Archiving experts
  • Global, multilingual 24/7/365 support
  • Tailored to your organization
  • Proven managed service
Data Management as a Service for JD Edwards
Data Management as a Service for JD Edwards
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*Free implementation when you subscribe to our data management service for 3 years.