Delivered on time with less than 50% of the approved budget.

Being an industrial conglomerate, IDEX possesses approximately 70 different business units through previous acquisitions. Whilst JD Edwards is the preferred ERP system of the business, each site decides which ERP they would like to run. IDEX has a strong internal JD Edwards team who runs global JDE rollouts on behalf of the business. As the queue for internal rollouts to be implemented grew to approximately three years, IDEX took the decision to outsource and hire Redfaire International to help the IDEX core ERP team execute rollouts in the Netherlands for recent acquisitions Banjo and CVI.



>50% Expected Budget Used

>50% Expected Budget Used

On-Time Delivery

On-Time Delivery

Efficient Move to JD Edwards

Efficient Move to JD Edwards

“The Redfaire International team not only showed to be highly experienced in JD Edwards, but also in strong project governance and execution of change control processes.”

Martijn Groeneveld, Senior Business Process Consultant, IDEX Corporation
7,000 Employees

7,000 Employees

Located In More Than 20 Countries

Located In More Than 20 Countries

Sales of more than $2 Billion

Sales of more than $2 Billion

Rich History Beginning Over a Century Ago

Rich History Beginning Over a Century Ago


IDEX Corporation, a multibillion-dollar company, has undoubtedly touched your life in some way. From clamps that hold air bags safely in place, components used in DNA sequencing, to the Hurst Jaws of Life® rescue tools, IDEX make thousands of products that are missioncritical components in everyday activities.

Customer Challenge

IDEX had recently acquired two businesses, Banjo Corp. and CVI Melles Griot, who were both using an older legacy ERP system. As IDEX was running JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2, the decision was taken to migrate the acquired companies to EnterpriseOne using IDEX’s global template.

  • Each company had their own set of unique requirements which would need to be incorporated into JD Edwards
  • The focus of the implementation project was on simplification. Some requirements were not available in JD Edwards so there was a strong push for creativity and flexibility leveraging the template’s functionality and options
  • Local teams would need JD Edwards training as they no previous exposure to the Oracle ERP system

Why IDEX Chose Redfaire International

IDEX is a high-performing, global enterprise committed to making trusted solutions to improve people's lives. With this high standard, they needed a partner that they could trust with the task at hand. 

Due to Redfaire International's rich history with JD Edwards and ERP implementations, IDEX decided to outsource their rollouts in the Netherlands to them as they could see that Redfaire International would meet the requirements of the project.

Why IDEX Chose Redfaire International

  • Proven commitment to highest quality standards.
  • Rich history with JD Edwards rollouts.
  • Ability to meet the JD Edwards customizations that IDEX required.

We succeed when our clients succeed.

We strive for client success in everything that we do.

This is a founding principle of Redfaire International.

Marcel Merz, Redfaire International Co-Founder


The Banjo and CVI implementations turned out to be prototypical examples of how to implement a core model. Thanks to a well-developed existing core model and a local user community embracing change from the start of the project, the project was delivered at less than 50% of the expected budget. As a result, IDEX and Redfaire International can use this project to inspire other IDEX sites on how to make the move to JD Edwards quickly, efficiently, and cost-friendly.

  • Demo of IDEX E1 9.2 core model
  • Fit-gap analysis to understand available functionality vs local site requirements
  • Execution of agreed change control procedures to avoid unnecessary deviations from core model
  • Implementation of standard core model and agreed deviations
  • User training through Train the Trainer principals with the aim of creating empowered key users
  • Preparation and execution of go-live with transition to IDEX Global Support Team
Completed with less than 50% of the required budget

Completed with less than 50% of the required budget

Efficient move to JD Edwards

Efficient move to JD Edwards

On-time delivery with scope creep avoided due to change control

On-time delivery with scope creep avoided due to change control

Empowered Users With
To Execute In-House Changes

Circle K

When Circle K (formerly known as Statoil Fuel and Retail) chose to change their legacy ERP in 2011 from SAP to Oracle’s JD Edwards, the commercial world sat up and took notice.

Jumbo Group

The original schedule for this major project was calculated at six months. Redfaire International worked with Jumbo Group to create a project schedule with a two stage implementation, and dedicated teams for Finance, Purchasing and Sales modules.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Restaurants UK wanted to benefit from the efficiencies and reduced costs associated with Cloud-based infrastructure.

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Founded in 1755, Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits (MBWS) produces an award-winning portfolio of products, including Marie Brizard liqueurs and syrups, Sobieski vodka, William Peel scotch whisky and Maison Gautier cognac. Its smaller, more local brands include San José Tequila, Old Lady’s Gin, and Pastis Berger.

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