Pladis has 36 factories in 13 countries, employing 26,000 people. Before upgrading, careful purging and archiving of data was required to avoid risk.

ABF Bearings is an international wholesaler of bearings and accessories.

ERP performance impacted by large data volumes.

ARVOS Group is a leading, global industrial equipment provider.

Bravilor Bonamat needed to improve their stock management and supply chain to cope with rapid growth and an increase in new product lines.

Capi Europe operates in a market known for rapidly changing trends.

Denkavit have used JD Edwards for back office administration since 2005 with business intelligence at the centre of their operations.

Koninklijke Jumbo B.V. is one of Europe’s leading toy companies with a focus on games and puzzles.

Ljungström is a division of the Arvos group, founded in 1920. Ljungström is a global leader in air pre heaters (APH) and gas gas heaters (GGH) and aftermarket service provider.

Perfume Holdings is one of the few fragrance companies offering an integrated approach across the Supply Chain, from development to production and distribution.